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Fibreglass & Rockwool.

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Fibreglass Batt Insulation

Fibreglass batt insulation is designed to fit between wall studs and ceiling rafters. It is the most common and cost effective form of insulation. Combined with a proper vapour barrier it will meet current building code. Fibreglass batts are available in different thicknesses to provide thermal resistance values from R12 to R40 and can be stacked on top of each other to provide higher resistance values when required.

Rockwool Batts

Rockwool batts have a higher density than traditional batt insulation, this leads to lower air infiltration. Combined with a proper vapour barrier it is a cost-effective way on insulating your home or business. Rockwool batts are a great sound barrier when installed in walls or floors. They are also mould resistant for an added benefit. Finally, Rockwool batts have a high fire rating.

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