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Whether you choose cellulose, fibreglass or spray foam in the counties of Grey, Bruce and Simcoe, at Grey Bruce Coatings & Insulation Ltd., you’ll be working with knowledgeable, helpful contractors who are qualified to meet all of your insulation needs. We provide:

Polyurethane Foam

Cellulose Fibre

Fibreglass & Rockwool

Insulation Removal

Construction & Renovations

  • Insulation for Homes & Businesses

    We work with a range of clients in the area, and we’re proud to provide all of the insulation services you’ll need to save energy while making your property more temperate. We’re experts in retrofitting, meaning that you can call us to come to your existing property and upgrade the insulation. We also work on new homes and commercial buildings -- many construction teams routinely contact us to install insulation in the early stages of a project.

  • Types of Insulation

    You have various insulation options. Spray foam is condensed liquid that expands when sprayed and provides excellent thermal insulation; since it begins as a liquid, it is adaptable and fits into almost any space. Fibreglass batts can be rolled out to cover the inside of a wall and provide cheap and effective insulation. Cellulose is plant fibre that can be used for heat retention, noise reduction and draft prevention.

  • Keep Pipes from Freezing

    Insulation can reduce the condensation in your walls. It can also be used around water pipes to increase their heat efficiency and reduce the chances that they will freeze in the winter. Better insulation means that you’ll use less energy and your home will be more environmentally friendly. 

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